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OneStream Press pairs with industry experts to encourage and support the development of accurate and useful technical textbooks. The publication of textbooks promo­­­­tes understanding and awareness of OneStream products, ultimately increasing product advocacy and ensuring our customers’ success. Textbooks are developed across a broad range of topics that include everything from introduction topics and best practices to expert tips on new capabilities. OneStream Press is available to everyone, and we encourage you to help grow the OneStream community.

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Current Publications

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OneStream Finance Rules and Calculations Handbook

Hundreds of companies have turned to OneStream to solve complex planning, consolidation and operational reporting needs. OneStream’s unique ability to provide a multitude of solutions across dozens of industries is largely due to its dynamic Finance Engine which provides the capability to add industry- and company-specific business intelligence to data. Employing the full power of the Finance Engine allows companies to extend the platform and fully exploit the power of their investment.

Aimed at everyone from novices to seasoned veterans, this handbook—by OneStream Distinguished Architect Jon Golembiewski—will break down the Finance Engine and outline how to write Finance Business Rules and Calculations. Its insights will help propel OneStream applications to the next level.

Written by: Jon Golembiewski

Technical reviewers: Eric Osmanski & Tommy Sandi

OneStream Planning: The Why, How and When

Aimed at OneStream Planning practitioners, administrators, implementors, and power users alike, as well as Financial close and consolidations practitioners, OneStream Planning: The Why, How and When is the first standalone book in the performance management space to cover the power and potential of Planning in OneStream. Drawing from real-world deployments, the book is rooted in easily understood business use cases, and explains approaches (with code) through a comprehensive exploration of the solution. All this is offered within a framework of top functional and technical practice as informed by the authors’ decades-long consulting and application development experiences.

Written by: Cameron Lackpour and Celvin Kattookaran

Technical reviewers: Mel Lenhardt and Jon Golembiewski

The OneStream Foundation Handbook

The Definitive Reference to Design, Configure and Support Your OneStream Platform. In this practical guide, The Architect Factory team at OneStream Software explains each part of an implementation, and the design of solutions. Readers will learn the core guiding principles for implementing OneStream from the company’s top team of experts. Beyond offering a training guide, the focus of this book is on the ‘why’ of design and building an application.

Written by: 
Peter Fugere, Greg Bankston, Eric Osmanski, Jonathan Golembiewski, John Von Allmen, Todd Allen, Nick Kroppe, Jacqui Slone, Nick Blazosky, Andy Moore, Sam Richards, Terry Shea, Shawn Stalker, Jeff Jones, Tony Dimitrie, Jody Di Giovanni, and Chul Smith

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Become an Author

Interested in getting a book off the ground? Authors receive copyediting, as well as two expert technical editors for every chapter. OneStream Press works directly with authors as a single point of contact throughout the writing process to establish and set up outlines, timelines, and reviews.

All authors become members of the OneStream Press Published Author Club. Perks of the Published Author Club include:

Interested authors should contact OneStream Press to start the writing journey today!

Publication Process:

  1.  Contact OneStream Press to submit completed Publication Quick Pitch
  2.  Work directly with OneStream Press to complete a full proposal and outline.
  3.  Meet with OneStream experts for feedback.
  4.  Negotiate contract with OneStream Press‘ exclusive publisher.
  5.  Establish a timeline with OneStream Press.
  6.  Participate in regular communication with OneStream Press throughout the writing process.
  7.  Complete final reviews.
  8.  Watch for publication and marketing.

Need more details? Read more about the writing journey: Publication Approval Process