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Lead Architect

OneStream Certified Professional (OCP) – Lead Architects have the knowledge, skill, and experience to optimize the full potential of OneStream’s unified financial platform. They are the most credible advisors and implementors, who take pride in simplifying multiple finance needs without additional technical complexity. Customers look to OCP Lead Architects to validate requirements and application design through implementation. They work with finance teams, accounting teams, senior management, and IT to implement the highest quality corporate performance management solutions. OneStream’s Lead Architects have hands-on experience with OneStream and a track record of successful implementations, as well as core product training.

This exam approach gives you a chance to demonstrate your knowledge, skills and abilities by taking the OneStream Certified Professional (OCP) – Lead Architect certification exam in a live, proctored, cloud-based lab environment. In addition to the multiple-choice items, you will be presented with a series of instructions to perform tasks that align with OneStream’s implementation lifecycle. Each job task will present a “real-world” situation, allowing you to demonstrate your abilities.

Download the Lead Architect Exam Study Guide to learn more about how to prepare to become a OneStream Certified Lead Architect.

OS-200 Exam Details:


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