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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Download the Frequently Asked Questions PDF here.

QUESTION: What is the OneStream Certification Program?
ANSWER: The OneStream Certification Program provides objective-based assessments of OneStream technical expertise through securely proctored, computer-based exams (based on real-world job tasks). Candidates can validate their technical knowledge and competency by becoming OneStream Certified based on their specific area of expertise on OneStream. Successful completion of the program’s current requirements results in the achievement of a OneStream Certification.

QUESTION: What certifications are currently available?
ANSWER: As of June 2021, OneStream currently offers the Lead Architect certification exam. This hybrid exam is a combination of traditional multiple-choice items and hands-on, performance-based situations. This exam targets IT professionals using OneStream in a Lead Architect role. To learn more about available exams, please visit the OneStream Certification Program webpage.

QUESTION: Where can I find the certification requirements for a OneStream certification?
ANSWER: Certification requirements, sample exams, exam objectives, recommended training and registration is available for OneStream certifications and corresponding exams on the OneStream Certification Program webpage.

QUESTION: What is the benefit of becoming OneStream Certified?
ANSWER: The OneStream Certification Program will establish a thriving community of proven OneStream professionals prepared to support the future of intelligent finance. OneStream’s certifications will demonstrate the highest levels of technical competency, productivity, and industry recognition, offering a way to advance careers and gain a competitive advantage.

QUESTION: What is the format of the exams?
ANSWER: To achieve the OneStream Certified status, candidates must pass an online, proctored, hybrid multiple-choice and performance-based exam. The exams are based on a combination of the OneStream books, formal training material, commonly referenced product documentation, and real-world scenarios.

QUESTION: When will certification exams expire?
ANSWER: Certification exams will be retired 60 days following the release of a new exam version.

QUESTION: How will I be notified that I have passed an exam?
ANSWER: Upon successful completion of a OneStream certification exam, candidates will receive an email from CertMetrics informing them of successful completion of an exam and a score report is available.

QUESTION: Why do I see a Pass or Fail result on my exam score report instead of a score?
ANSWER: OneStream certification exams are designed to determine if a candidate’s overall ability in a specific area either meets or exceeds what has been defined as minimal competency.  Each exam item, whether multiple-choice or performance-based, contributes to that determination.  Regardless of how high or low a candidate scores on an exam, only one valid conclusion can be made: the candidate either does or does not possess the minimally-acceptable knowledge, skills, and abilities for the content covered by the exam. Since the only meaningful and valid inference that can be made is a pass or fail decision, that is the only information that is reported.

QUESTION: What happens if I fail?
ANSWER: If you don’t pass on your first attempt, you must wait 3 days before taking the exam again. If you don’t pass on your second and subsequent attempts, you can retake the exam after a 14-days waiting period, with a maximum of 4 exam attempts.

QUESTION: How can I find out what topics an exam will cover?
ANSWER: Certification requirements, exam objectives, sample exams, study guides, recommended training, and registration is available for each certification and corresponding exam. For more information on how to prepare for an exam, please visit the OneStream Certification Program webpage.

QUESTION: When do OneStream certifications expire?
ANSWER: OneStream certification exams will expire after 24 months from the date a credential was achieved. After 24 months, candidates may have the option to complete OneStream eLearning continuing education to extend their existing OneStream credential for 12 months. (The maximum amount of time a candidate may hold an active certification credential is 36 months.)

QUESTION: How and when do I receive a certificate stating that I am OneStream Certified?
ANSWER: Upon successful completion of a OneStream certification exam, candidates will receive two emails. The first email, from CertMetrics, is notification that a certification has been awarded (and an electronic certificate is available for download). The second email will come from Credly allowing candidates to claim and share their digital credential. The email is sent to the business email address associated with your OneStream account in Okta.

QUESTION: Who do I contact if I need to make changes to my Certification profile?
ANSWER: If you need to make changes to your profile information, you will need to make the update in your OneStream account in Okta. Changes that you make in your CertMetrics profile run the risk of being overwritten with data in your OneStream account.

QUESTION: How can I check on my certification status or check which exams I have passed?
ANSWER: To view your exam and certification history:

QUESTION: How can I verify my digital credentials to an interested party?
ANSWER: Candidates’ credentials may be verified by logging into the Credly platform.

QUESTION: What is OneStream’s Digital Credential and Badging Program and how do I claim my digital credential or badge?
ANSWER: OneStream has partnered with Credly, to recognize your knowledge gained along the learning journey with badges and digital credentials that will result in greater visibility for customers and partners that publish their credentials online. Digital credentials are earned by passing a OneStream certification exam. You will receive a digital, shareable, and verifiable credential that you can post across various social media platforms.

There is NO FEE for this service! Benefits of a Credly badge or digital credential include:

Start claiming and sharing your digital credentials and badges today. Just follow these simple steps:

Be sure to check your clutter or spam email folders to ensure you are receiving communications from [email protected]om and [email protected]

For more information, read the Digital Credential and Badge Program Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

QUESTION: Is training required to become OneStream Certified?
ANSWER: OneStream strongly recommends specific courses and associated exercises to develop individuals to successfully do their job. These courses are not required; however, they are available for those who do not meet the minimum level of competence as tested by the exam. Be cautioned that attendance in a training course does not guarantee passage of a certification exam.

OneStream recommends real-world experience using its software prior to attempting an exam. Certification requirements, study guides (including exam objectives), recommended training, and registration details can be found on the Available Exams webpage.

To learn about current training opportunities visit the OneStream Training webpage.

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